In essence, it examines the interaction between two or more modules, but not their functionality alone. It can also be automated, meaning we can create scripts or programs to generate random inputs to monitor how the system behaves. The QA team provides verification, ensuring that the program complies with the specifications as down in the SRS document. Bug triage reviews bugs to make sure that they are valid, reproducible, and hold accurate information needed to resolve those bugs. Volume testing is the process of determining whether the system is capable of handling the necessary data volumes, user requests, etc. Quality Assurance (QA) ensures software complies with all requirements and specifications regarding maintenance, reliability, and performance.

It helps to avoid the wastage of cost and time involved in testing when the entire build fails. Smoke testing is done to confirm the basic functionalities of a product. Through smoke testing, you can identify the most basic test cases to execute. Whenever a bug is detected in production, the best practice is to create a test case immediately for it and to include it in the regression suite.

Top 75 QA Interview Questions and Answers to land your Dream Job

An example of a showstopper defect would be login failure, app crash, or not database connectivity. In crowd-sourced testing, the testing work is assigned to a completely unknown pool of people who may or may not be testers. It is like a crowd of people who are given some benefits for testing an application or software. This concept of testing is picking up fast and allows companies to test their application across different regions, devices, and operating systems.

qa job interview questions

You should also be able to describe the challenges and issues that you have faced and solved as a tester, and the best practices and standards that you have followed and implemented. One of the first things you should do before a QA engineer job interview is to review the basic concepts and terminology of software testing and quality assurance. You should be familiar with the different types of testing, such as functional, non-functional, manual, automated, unit, integration, system, regression, performance, usability, security, and so on.

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The issue would be very urgent and hence it is not possible to wait till the next build. These builds are very critical and need to be rolled out as soon as possible because they directly impact the customers. CI/CD refers to the continuous implementation and continuous deployment of software from code to production. As the name suggests, every time there is a new code check-in, it gets deployed to the production branch as well. Beta testing is carried out by the client at their location with their infrastructure before the product is deployed for wider use.

qa job interview questions

This should they have done their homework and are familiar with the company for which they are interviewing. Common QA Tester interview questions, how to answer them, and example answers from a certified career coach. He believes in having both manual and automation questions for qa engineer testing in place as part of the quality assurance process of testing software. Identifying the most common questions in QA job interviews is deceptively simple. You have general questions that are asked at every interview like “Where did you go to school?

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The tools a tester uses to do their job will vary according to the kind of project they’re working on. But some tools you can mention in your answer are Firebug, OpenSGTA, Web developer toolbar for Firefox, Selenium, WinSCP, and YSlow for Firebug. Answering this question correctly demonstrates your knowledge of high-level testing concepts. To help you prepare, here are 15 of the most common questions that are asked in QA interviews, and tips on how to answer them. The processes might feel repetitive, so it’s easy to lose track of the task at hand.

  • Quality assurance requires a great deal of attention to detail and precision.
  • These applications have helped a lot in easing my tasks in my workplace before.
  • I also wish to be able to hone my skills as well as growing my career path here.
  • The least severe bugs are cosmetic bugs like alignment, spelling mistakes, or color variations.
  • Understanding the concept of regression testing is a fundamental part of being a QA tester.

Quality assurance is a critical part of any software development process. The interviewer wants to know that you have experience measuring the success of the process and that you understand the importance of having a thorough and accurate quality assurance process in place. They want to know that you have the ability to analyze and report on the performance of the process and that you can take action to improve the process where necessary. Quality assurance is all about making sure the product meets the highest standards—which means having the ability to prioritize tasks when there are multiple projects running at once. Quality assurance professionals have to have the skills to identify which tasks are most important and manage their time accordingly so that each project gets the attention it needs.

It aims to provide software testing with a systematic methodology to guarantee quality, traceability, reliability, and improved planning. A methodical strategy, exploratory testing’s primary goal is to become familiar with the application. Similar to adhoc testing, exploratory testing does not require an experienced testing engineer. The testers consider the software as a black box with inputs and outputs in this specification-based testing method.